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We are a data-driven business that provides sports information for fans, companies and sporting bodies alike; generating content to better engage the audience. We aim to give greater insight into events and matches, either through our own hosted platforms or directly to companies and broadcasters, but always with the same principal aim - giving the fans more reasons why they should watch.  Our focus is never just on the data itself, but on the story it tells, relating this to the audience at every stage, answering the ‘So what? Why should I care?’



The ultimate rugby match predictor, Rugby4Cast presents predictions, stats, betting tips and analysis on upcoming and historic rugby matches, driven by the Sports4Cast machine-learning Algorithm. 

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Coming soon: tennis predictions, stats and analysis from the Tennis4Cast Algorithm. 

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  • Data downloads for podcasters and broadcasters
  • Shareable social graphics for upcoming events and matches
  • Predictor widgets for websites and broadcasts
  • Bespoke data consultancy for teams and events
  • Commentary services
  • Custom betting information for organisations

.... and more. We have featured at major events and in major publications, including:



Sports4Cast Ltd is a startup focusing on sports data engagement. All sports fanatics, we are passionate about adding interest to sports through insightful analysis of data combined with cutting-edge presentation.

Graeme Acheson, CEO

Deloitte LLP
Bristol University
GB Triathlete
Alex Hadcock, CTO

British Army
Oxford University
UK Armed Forces Tennis

Sam Watson, CDO

Open Signal
Exeter University
Exeter Windsurfing


Looking for sports data analytics to give the edge to your team, business or sporting body?

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