Super League Triathlon

Engagement Through Data

Sports4Cast have worked with Super League Triathlon since 2019 providing a range of engagement analytics; content for social media and commentary teams at all stages of the race weekends, as well as developing a website and results platform for running the races and analysing and displaying post race results.
Driving Engagement

Sports4Cast engaged with Super League Triathlon back in 2019. SLT are a company that has pioneered a new and innovative format of triathlon that challenges the existing format of racing. From the beginning the key idea was using their race data to drive engagement with their audience before, during and after their races. Initially this took the form of pre race briefings for social media and commentary to share, live ‘in race analysis’ for commentary, and post race debriefs.

Bespoke Software

Over the years as Super League has developed, Sports4Cast has continued to evolve their offering, from building and running results software that is used to power their Arena Games and Championship Series, and building the Super League Stats Hub.

The Stats Hub

The Stats Hub houses all of the historical race data, as well as a bespoke rankings system unique to triathlon, allowing athletes to be compared across events and disciplines and comparisons to be made between athletes who may never have raced, as well as evaluating new and upcoming athletes for inclusion into their race series.

Race and Season Analysis

This also allows predictions to be run for individual races, as well as simulations of the Series events to give indications of who the favourites are, why, and how the races might unfold in order to discuss potential outcomes in pre race media postings.

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