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Official Data and Insights Partner

Sports4Cast were contracted as the official Data and Insights Partner for the Pho3nix Sub7 and Sub8 Project, performing a key role in delivering the narratives around the attempts in pushing the boundaries of human physical achievement.
Planning the Attempt

Sports4Cast was involved in a range of areas before the project began, from advising on and planning the broadcast graphics and best presentation of the data to audiences, to providing analysts on the ground, giving interviews to journalists, podcasters and TV ahead of the attempt.

Images courtesy of Mana Seg

Data Dashboard for Fans

A key part of the project was developing the live data ‘second screen’ for both race organisers and fans alike. As a multi hour race where it is not always clear who is where on the course, or what is going on, it was paramount to develop a system for tracking the athletes and communicating where they all stood at any point of the race, both in relation to each other, and the overall sub 7 or 8 attempt.

Live Second Screen

A simple visualisation dashboard was built, with tabs for the overall attempt and each athlete. This took the data from the timing system and calculated time differences, both absolute and relative, predicted finish times, splits, required paces and a whole host of other information. This was refreshed on a regular basis to allow fans to see what was going on on a minute by minute basis, and feel more involved and engaged with the athletes and their attempt.

This was also used by on-air commentators and broadcasters to inform and improve the quality of the live narrative, bringing insights to the audience in real time.

Graeme and Sports4Cast proved to be an integral part of the Pho3nix Sub7Sub8 Project, and significantly elevated the storytelling and narrative. Without their insights, there is no way we would have been able to deliver a broadcast of that quality. Graeme not only provided an incredible live data experience, but also regular insights based on those numbers that informed our on-air team and audience. When we at MANA Group plan our next event, Sports4Cast will be first number we dial.
- Will McCloy, Head of Content & Lead Commentator

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