Football Performance Tools

Data dashboards for measuring team performance, across all leagues

The Sports4Cast Football Platform currently tracks around 800 teams in various leagues across Europe. Our bespoke team platform gives stakeholders a clear overview of their side's current performance in relation to our expectations and what their prospects look like for the remainder of the season, allowing management to realistically assess and plan for the future.
Full Season Simulations

Full season simulations assess the likelihood of topping the table, getting promoted, making the playoffs or avoiding relegation. This allows impartial assessment of how the season is progressing relative to targets.

Upcoming Schedule Analysis

The schedule analysis dashboards assess expected points and shows a ‘heatmap’ of your upcoming games for you and your rivals to allow planning for squad rotation and injury prevention to best prepare for the matches ahead.

Individual Match Analysis

Assess the importance of each match relative to your season goals, using our upcoming match analysis dashboard, showing predictions for the next game relative to other prediction algorithms and the bookies odds, as well as the changes that will happen if you win, lose or draw the next match.

Head Coach Analysis

Included in the football platform is a tool that tracks the same 800 teams across Europe, but also around 10,000 coaches and their time at different clubs. Automated systems track each team’s performances over the time each coach was at each club in order to assess the impact they made, and whether each club improved over their tenure, and by how much. The tool then allows users to filter using various criteria to see the best coach that meets their chosen metrics. This is a unique tool to benchmark manager performance and gives management unprecedented insight into head coach recruitment.


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