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It all started with Rugby.

In a bid to predict the results of some of the top matches from the 2017 rugby season, Sports4Cast was born.

Our Data & Algorithm

Since our early beginnings predicting rugby results (not yet seen Rugby4Cast? Head here), our database and models now span more than 5 sports, including rugby, football, tennis, triathlon, darts and golf - with more on the horizon.

At the heart of what we do are our extensive databases and machine-learning computer models, used to process this data and generate a range of predictive statistics. This includes predicted scores, probabilities, ELO rankings and a whole lot more. Interested to see what we've produced for our clients? Read case studies here.

Digital Delivery

We don't just generate data: we process and publish it in ways designed to inform and engage. Our digital capability spans website & platform development, production of social graphics, API access and more. We also product packs for commentators and podcasts to inform broadcasts (and have even dabbled in a bit of commentary ourselves).


Global Databases

We harness data across all major tournaments for more than 5 sports, with more in the pipeline.

Machine-Learning Models

Our AI is at the heart of what we do, processing data for matches and tournaments.

Digital Publishing

We deliver content and graphics for social media, write blogs and help prepare commentary packs.

Web Platforms

Our team develops custom data dashboards and platforms, designed to maximise fan engagement.

Case Studies

Super League Triathlon

We are data partners of Super League Triathlon, producing race stats, rankings, leaderboards and more via Stats Hub and our API.
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